What Can You Expect When Having A Tooth Extracted

Do you receive a blow to your face while playing your sport? Does an incident cause a shock to the mouth? Ouch! Once the pain is removed, a question may arise. Do I have a cracked tooth? Hard to know for yourself. It is a delicate situation that needs to be analyzed by a specialist.

Thus, in such cases, it is recommended to consult your dentist promptly. His expertise allows him to assess the condition of your natural teeth and to make a diagnosis. Then, according to the results of the cracked tooth analysis, a denturologist can take over. It has several solutions perfectly adapted to your needs to offer you to find your smile.

Discover in this article the various states of a cracked tooth and the possibilities available to you if you have to remove your tooth.

What Are The Symptoms of a Cracked Tooth?

If you are worried about cracked teeth, you should consult your dentist right away. With his skills, he can tell you the seriousness of the situation. Also, it is possible to determine if your tooth will need to be replaced or not.

Generally, symptoms experienced with a cracked or fractured tooth include chewing pain and sensitivity to hot and cold. Also, the appearance of the tooth can sometimes show lesions to the naked eye. In these cases, the fissure may have extended to the level of the dental pulp and even the root.

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What Can Occur Due to a Cracked Tooth?

Because symptoms and causes can vary for cracked teeth, be aware that there are several possible scenarios that can arise from the result of a cracked tooth. 

 In general, they are distinguished by the following four characteristics.

1. The Appearance of Microcracks

As the name suggests, microcracks are small and superficial. If your tooth only shows these slight cracks, the dentist will not need to intervene. 

2. The Dental Pulp is Not Affected

If the cracks are more noticeable and they have not reached the dental pulp, then the dentist can repair your tooth. In case you have kept the broken piece, it can pick it up. If the piece is missing, he reproduces it with resin. Also, he can perform a root canal treatment.

3. The Dental Pulp is Reached

If the crack has hit the pulp of your tooth, then the dentist must devitalize the tooth by root canal treatment. Subsequently, depending on the size of the missing piece, he may opt for the installation of a crown on your broken tooth.

4. The root of the tooth is reached

Finally, if the root of your tooth is also fractured, the dentist does not have much choice. He must remove the cracked tooth and invite you to consult a denturologist. As dentures specialist, the denturologist then sees to replace the missing teeth.

What Happens After Extracting a Cracked Tooth?

Your cracked tooth has been removed due to too many cracks? The denturologist takes over. He can offer you some effective options to give you a complete smile and strong teeth.

Thus, the denturologist can make you benefit from a unitary dental implant if it is only a single cracked tooth that has been removed. The implant acts as an artificial root made of titanium, a resistant and biocompatible metal. It serves as a support for a crown that reproduces your natural tooth. You will find all the strength of your chewing and complete and aesthetic dentition.

Also, the denturologist can offer you a partial denture. This removable prosthesis is held in place by hooks or by suction. It is an economical solution to find a complete dentition when you miss one or more of a tooth. It also allows you to chew normally.

As an additional option, the denturologist can also offer you a bridge. It is a rootless crown that is held in place by resting on the two surrounding teeth. It is the dentist who makes the dental bridge because he alone can carve the adjacent teeth. You will also find your entire smile and good chewing ability.

Remember that after a blow to the mouth, you must quickly consult a dentist. It first assesses the condition of your dentition, and if it locates a cracked tooth, it intervenes as necessary. If it is necessary to remove the tooth, the denturologist then takes over to replace the missing tooth. He makes the prosthesis according to the technique of your choice by respecting your needs. As a denture specialist, he has several options to offer to facilitate your chewing and restore the beauty of your smile.

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Oral health and general health should not be seen as separate entities. Oral health is integrated and essential to the total health and well-being of all people.  

Every time we know more about the diseases that derive from a dental or oral problem. There are studies that prove the link between periodontal diseases with cardiovascular diseases, embolisms, respiratory infections, diabetes, osteoporosis, HIV and adverse pregnancy outcomes. A recent study linked the longevity of women and the risk of stroke (CVA) with the health of the gums. 

If you want to stay healthy and prevent systemic diseases you should go to the dentist. If you are pregnant and want your baby to be born healthy, you should go to the dentist. 

The cost of dental care is the main barrier between the dentist and the consumer, as evidenced by recent research. In the United States, 13% said in a survey that they didn’t go to the dentist because of the cost. The discount plans are designed to eliminate that barrier. They are more accessible and lower costs by up to 60%. 

Does Fusion Dental Care Offer a Dental Discount Plan?

YES! Here at Fusion Dental Care we believe that no one should have to go without proper dental care. The Fusion Dental Membership Plan was designed to give individuals without dental insurance an affordable solution for the entire family. With this plan, you eliminate monthly payments, and only pay when you have dental work done. There is no hassle, and no waiting periods or insurance claims to worry about. Simply pay one low annual fee, and you’ll receive a discount on your dental work, as well as free x-rays, exams, and cleanings.

What Are Dental Sealants

Are Discount Dental Plans Similar to Dental Insurance?

Dental discount plans are clearly distinct from dental insurance. In fact, the first thing buyers need to know is that discount dental plans are not dental insurance. However, they resemble dental insurance in that the consumer can choose a dentist within a certain provider network.

However, these dental plans have more than 400,000 general dentists, dental surgeons, orthodontists, children’s dentists and dental health specialists in all states, covering 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They also offer a free smartphone application for those who have little time. You just have to join as a member and show your member ID to any professional in the network. The dental plan may also include vision care.

Do Dental Discount Plans Have Any Advantages Over Dental Insurance?

Discount plans can offer several attractive advantages, which may explain why they are so popular and widely available to consumers. In most cases, the dental discount plan is more accessible and easy to use: there are no deductibles, coinsurance, waiting periods, annual maximums and claim forms. The cost of a discount dental plan is usually lower. In addition, plan holders can know what the actual cost of a procedure is and what the discounts will be in advance, without unpleasant surprises.

Save Money With Fusion Dental Care in Raleigh, NC

If you have any remaining questions about dental discount plans or are hoping to learn more about our own Fusion Membership Plan, please don’t hesitate to contact Fusion Dental Care in Raleigh, NC! We strive to provide exceptional dental care for all regardless of insurance!

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