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What exactly are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are typically made out of thin porcelain, and are used to cosmetically enhance your smile. Veneers are very thin, so they do not create bulkiness or discomfort at the front of your mouth. When made and placed correctly, dental veneers have the ability to totally transform the overall look and feel of your smile. Veneers can be used in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures as part of a complete smile makeover. The procedure to place these restorations is done quickly, and requires very little, to no anesthetic. Veneers can last up to a decade because they are durable and able to withstand quite a bit or pressure and force.

Why might you require Dental Veneers?

You may require or want dental veneers because you’re unhappy with your smile. If you’re looking to change your smile, veneers can do this for you without requiring months worth of dental surgeries and restorative procedures. Veneers are made out of durable materials, and are custom matched to your existing dentition. This provides our patients with a gorgeous, finished look that enhances their appearance, giving them much needed confidence. Some common reasons to want or need veneers include:

What makes you a candidate for Dental Veneers?

Because veneers require absolutely no surgery, and may not even require the need for anesthetic, any healthy adult patient who wants veneers can have them made and fitted to their smile. It’s important to first come in for a consultation before the veneers can be made for you. Veneers are a cosmetic option, so they don’t take care of underlying decay, or problems that may be simply covered up with the veneer. Additional work may be required prior to having veneers placed. Veneers aren’t suitable for younger children and teens whose teeth are still developing.

What can you expect when having Dental Veneers placed?

The procedure to both create and place veneers is relatively easy, and is done efficiently in our office. To complete the veneer placement, you will need to come into our office twice. During the first appointment, we will file down and buff out the front of your teeth. This allows the veneers to sit comfortably, without feeling too bulky or heavy. Buffing the teeth will also promote better adhesion of the restorations once they’re placed. Impressions are taken by our staff, and will be sent to a local lab specializing in dental restoration work. Lab techs work to craft your new veneers, following the shade guide that we’ve provided to them. Your next appointment involves placing the actual veneers, which is done carefully and meticulously. We want your new veneers to look as beautiful and natural as possible. After the veneers have been placed, we may need to make slight adjustments to the shape and length. With proper care and routine exams, your dental veneers can easily last a decade before they’ll need to be replaced.

Porcelain Veneers

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