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Children are often more susceptible to injuries. During childhood, a child tends to be a bit careless and has a greater risk of getting any injury. No matter how well parents keep an eye on their children and how well they keep their children safe from any harm, accidents are something unavoidable. For example, an evening outdoor playing session is a child’s right, and they cannot be stopped from having it. These are the situations when children are the most vulnerable to accidents.

During their playtime, when children take a fall on the ground, their mouths usually take the maximum jerk if not an external injury. A jerk of greater magnitude can also result in an internal injury such as a broken tooth, a deep cut on the walls of mouth or gums, etc. These injuries can be fairly severe as mouths bleed more than many other body parts, and the mixing of blood with saliva is not a good thing. But how to deal with such an emergency? What to do in case your child comes to you with such an injury?

Firstly, you need to rinse your child’s mouth with warm water so that all the blood gets drained off, and you can have a clear look at the actual situation. Then you can follow a few tips for dealing with such panic situations.

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A Chipped or Broken Tooth

If your child comes to you with a broken tooth, take them to a dentist immediately. A dentist can treat a chipped tooth by smoothing it or using some appropriate material to rebuild it. However, if a baby or a permanent tooth is broken, dentists often use bonding to reattach them to their gums

What to do in the Case of a kocked-out Baby Tooth?

f your child gets their baby tooth knocked out, never try to adjust it back in the cavity. Doing this could cause serious damage to the permanent tooth lying beneath it. However, you can give them painkillers like ibuprofen or paracetamol but never aspirin as it can cause inflammation. Also, to stop the bleeding, you can apply some pressure using a gauze. There can be other dental emergencies with children as well. For example, broken braces or expanders that can cause internal injuries. But the key to dealing with such problems is maintaining your calm. Situations, as delicate as these, can easily go wrong if anyone panics. So whatever you do, make sure you do it with full sanity.

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What Can You Expect When Having A Tooth Extracted

Do you receive a blow to your face while playing your sport? Does an incident cause a shock to the mouth? Ouch! Once the pain is removed, a question may arise. Do I have a cracked tooth? Hard to know for yourself. It is a delicate situation that needs to be analyzed by a specialist.

Thus, in such cases, it is recommended to consult your dentist promptly. His expertise allows him to assess the condition of your natural teeth and to make a diagnosis. Then, according to the results of the cracked tooth analysis, a denturologist can take over. It has several solutions perfectly adapted to your needs to offer you to find your smile.

Discover in this article the various states of a cracked tooth and the possibilities available to you if you have to remove your tooth.

What Are The Symptoms of a Cracked Tooth?

If you are worried about cracked teeth, you should consult your dentist right away. With his skills, he can tell you the seriousness of the situation. Also, it is possible to determine if your tooth will need to be replaced or not.

Generally, symptoms experienced with a cracked or fractured tooth include chewing pain and sensitivity to hot and cold. Also, the appearance of the tooth can sometimes show lesions to the naked eye. In these cases, the fissure may have extended to the level of the dental pulp and even the root.

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What Can Occur Due to a Cracked Tooth?

Because symptoms and causes can vary for cracked teeth, be aware that there are several possible scenarios that can arise from the result of a cracked tooth. 

 In general, they are distinguished by the following four characteristics.

1. The Appearance of Microcracks

As the name suggests, microcracks are small and superficial. If your tooth only shows these slight cracks, the dentist will not need to intervene. 

2. The Dental Pulp is Not Affected

If the cracks are more noticeable and they have not reached the dental pulp, then the dentist can repair your tooth. In case you have kept the broken piece, it can pick it up. If the piece is missing, he reproduces it with resin. Also, he can perform a root canal treatment.

3. The Dental Pulp is Reached

If the crack has hit the pulp of your tooth, then the dentist must devitalize the tooth by root canal treatment. Subsequently, depending on the size of the missing piece, he may opt for the installation of a crown on your broken tooth.

4. The root of the tooth is reached

Finally, if the root of your tooth is also fractured, the dentist does not have much choice. He must remove the cracked tooth and invite you to consult a denturologist. As dentures specialist, the denturologist then sees to replace the missing teeth.

What Happens After Extracting a Cracked Tooth?

Your cracked tooth has been removed due to too many cracks? The denturologist takes over. He can offer you some effective options to give you a complete smile and strong teeth.

Thus, the denturologist can make you benefit from a unitary dental implant if it is only a single cracked tooth that has been removed. The implant acts as an artificial root made of titanium, a resistant and biocompatible metal. It serves as a support for a crown that reproduces your natural tooth. You will find all the strength of your chewing and complete and aesthetic dentition.

Also, the denturologist can offer you a partial denture. This removable prosthesis is held in place by hooks or by suction. It is an economical solution to find a complete dentition when you miss one or more of a tooth. It also allows you to chew normally.

As an additional option, the denturologist can also offer you a bridge. It is a rootless crown that is held in place by resting on the two surrounding teeth. It is the dentist who makes the dental bridge because he alone can carve the adjacent teeth. You will also find your entire smile and good chewing ability.

Remember that after a blow to the mouth, you must quickly consult a dentist. It first assesses the condition of your dentition, and if it locates a cracked tooth, it intervenes as necessary. If it is necessary to remove the tooth, the denturologist then takes over to replace the missing tooth. He makes the prosthesis according to the technique of your choice by respecting your needs. As a denture specialist, he has several options to offer to facilitate your chewing and restore the beauty of your smile.

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