Pediatric Care

What is Pediatric Care?

Pediatric care involves providing dental treatment to a child or teenager. Children should first visit the dentist when you begin to notice their first baby teeth starting to come through the gums. With routine care, we can help study the development of their teeth, as well as spot signs of decay before it is allowed to get worse. Preventative care involves other procedures, like sealants and fluoride treatments, that keep the teeth protected and strong. It is just as important for parents to help with their children’s dental care at home, so that their teeth stay healthy between appointments.

What Is Pediatric Care

Why does your child need Pediatric Care?

Pediatric dental care is geared to kids, and provides them with the treatment they need to maintain a healthy smile. Children are more prone to developing cavities than adults, as a result of the types of foods they eat and their hygiene habits. We provide preventative procedures specific to kids, such as dental sealants and fluoride treatments. We can provide parents, as well as children, with tips on how to take better care of their teeth at home. Pediatric care may involve extractions, fillings, and other restorative procedures as necessary. It’s important to bring your child into the office twice a year for routine cleanings and examinations.

What Makes Your Child A Good Candidate For Pediatric Care

What makes your child a good candidate for Pediatric Care?

Every child is a good candidate for routine pediatric care. A healthy smile can only happen with good dental hygiene and routine professional care. While it’s absolutely crucial that you help your child take care of their teeth at home, exams and professional cleanings are necessary to check for problems before they’re allowed to get worse. Additionally, regular cleanings help to remove hardened plaque and tartar that can build up on the teeth between appointments. It is never too late to get your child into a routine dental care regimen. While it’s recommended that you bring your child in as soon as you notice their teeth coming in, many patients don’t start seeing us until they are two or three years old. The key is to start dental care for your child as soon as possible, in order to promote a healthy, full smile for life.

What can you expect during a typical appointment for Pediatric Care?

A routine pediatric appointment involves a cleaning and examination. Older children may need x-rays taken to check for signs of decay, as well as examine underlying tooth development. The cleaning is performed by a licensed hygienist, who works to remove hardened plaque from all surfaces of the teeth. The teeth are then polished to a high shine and flossed. You’ll be given tips on how to best care for your child’s teeth at home. Dr. Bassiri will then come in and perform the exam, where she will check for signs of decay, tooth development, and other problems in your child’s mouth. Most pediatric appointments take less than an hour to complete, and are comfortable and non-frightening for your child. Other procedures can be done to promote your child’s dental health, such as fluoride treatments, sealants, fillings, and extractions. Orthodontic treatment may be recommended if your child is beginning to have issues with overcrowding or tooth misalignment.

What Can You Expect During A Typical Appointment For Pediatric Care

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