Clear Braces

What are Clear Braces?

Clear braces use a system of aligner trays that must be worn for no less than 22 hours per day. The trays work by putting pressure on the teeth, pushing them into a more uniform alignment. Clear braces are ideal for teens and adults, and few people will even know you’re wearing them, apart from you and the dental team. Clear braces offer incredibly effective results, and can take care of issues including overcrowding, crookedness, open bites, under bites, and over bites. The system is customized for each patient, and treatment is overseen by Dr. Bassiri to ensure that your teeth are moving into position correctly.

What Are Clear Braces

Why would you need Clear Braces?

Clear braces are a type of orthodontic treatment designed to help eliminate crowding and crookedness. It can be an ideal option for teens as well as adults, because the trays are nearly invisible to the naked eye. The aligners can help with issues involving the bite, such as over bites, under bites, and even open bites. For patients who do not want metal wires and brackets, these Clear Braces are a viable alternative that will deliver immaculate results.

What Makes You A Candidate For Clear Braces 1

What makes you a candidate for Clear Braces?

Clear Braces aren’t for everyone, so it’s important to come in for an exam and consultation with Dr. Bassiri. For young children and young teens, this option may not be suitable due to the chance they could not wear the appliance often enough, delaying or even stalling treatment altogether. In some cases, severe orthodontic problems require additional treatment, and you’ll need to have this work done prior to being fitted for the Clear Braces. During your consultation, we will take x-rays and impressions of your mouth, creating a customized treatment plan specific to your needs. The consultation will include a discussion about the financial aspect of the Clear Braces treatment as well.

What can you expect during treatment with Clear Braces?

To be fitted for Clear Braces, you’ll need to come in for an exam and consult with Dr. Bassiri. The impressions that we take at the consultation will be used to create your first set of tray aligners. These aligners must be worn for at least 22 hours every day in order for them to be effective. You will remove the aligners when brushing your teeth and when you eat. If the trays are removed too often, or not worn for 22 hours a day, treatment will be severely affected and will take longer to complete. You will need to come back into the office every few weeks to have new custom aligner trays made. The Clear Braces system involves many aligners that work as treatment progresses. These trays are designed to apply pressure onto the teeth in specific ways, so that they’re gradually pushed into a more uniform position. Many patients opt for Clear Braces because they don’t want a mouth full of metal, or they are an adult who simply cannot or don’t want to wear traditional braces. Once the treatment with Clear Braces has finished, you will need to wear a retainer in order to maintain your results and keep your teeth as straight as possible. Many adults find that they are interested in Clear Braces after already having gone through orthodontic treatment as a teen, but failing to keep up with maintenance. Clear Braces offer a route back to a perfect smile, without wearing traditional braces a second time.

What Can You Expect During Treatment With Clear Braces

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