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Joyful Young Woman Undergoing Clear Aligner Treatment

The First 6 Weeks with Invisalign: What to Expect

Correcting misalignment problems can sometimes be difficult and you may be wanting to avoid the bulk and metal of traditional braces. Rather than go with traditional metal braces, you might want to consider Invisalign. Invisalign uses a system of clear aligners to correct the alignment of your smile so that it looks more even and uniform. This can improve your appearance as well as the ability to properly care for your teeth.

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Invisalign Attacks What Are They And What Are They For

Invisalign Attacks – What Are They And What Are They For?

If you are thinking about putting on an orthodontic treatment and you need it or you don’t want it to be noticed, Invisalign is your treatment. This orthodontic system consists in the use of transparent and completely aesthetic transparent and re-movable splints that achieve the correct movement and position of the teeth. In this article we explain what this system consists of and what the attacks are. Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic system or technique capable of solving problems of dental malposition.

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Four Better Commercial Mouthwash Alternatives You Should Try

Four Better Commercial Mouthwash Alternatives You Should Try

Mouthwash is a handy tool for disinfecting the mouth and freshening the breath, but it has some downsides as well. Many people avoid mouthwashes due to alcohol. The majority of the commercial brands contain alcohol in it. On the other hand, some people avoid it due to artificial colors, fluoride, and other additives. Still, there are some people who just want a frugal alternative. These natural and low-tech mouthwash alternatives are perfect in order to maintain good oral hygiene and aromatic breath!

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What Can You Expect When Having A Tooth Extracted

What Do I Do With a Cracked Tooth?

Do you receive a blow to your face while playing your sport? Does an incident cause a shock to the mouth? Ouch! Once the pain is removed, a question may arise. Do I have a cracked tooth? Hard to know for yourself. It is a delicate situation that needs to be analyzed by a specialist. Thus, in such cases, it is

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Fusion Dental Care (raleigh, Nc) Group Of Older Women Enjoying Time Outdoors

Will a Dental Discount Plan Benefit Me?

Oral health and general health should not be seen as separate entities. Oral health is integrated and essential to the total health and well-being of all people.   Every time we know more about the diseases that derive from a dental or oral problem. There are studies that prove the link between periodontal diseases with cardiovascular diseases,

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