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Missing teeth are often an embarrassment, which can cause people to lose self-esteem and hide their smile. It can also cause other problems. As an example, the empty space due to the missing teeth can get infected with bacteria, cause other teeth to move out of place, and make it hard for people to eat or speak correctly. The staff at Fusion Dental Care of North Raleigh, including Dr. Hoda Bassiri, are very understanding and sympathetic toward the sort of trouble that missing teeth can cause. We provide our patients with dental implants so they not only can improve their health, but also regain self-esteem and self confidence, and approach life boldly again.

Installing implants can be a very complex procedure. Patients in the 27613 area trust our professionals to replace their missing teeth – mostly due to Dr. Hoda Bassiri’s stellar reputation. We at Fusion Dental Care understand there are many dental providers to choose from, so we do all we can to improve the experience of patients who come to us looking for an implant. Our office is situated in Raleigh, a convenient location, and treat patients throughout all North Carolina, allowing them to restore teeth they’ve lost in a way that looks beautiful and natural.


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Dental Facts From The AAID (American Academy Of Implant Dentistry)

-Over 30 million Americans are missing all teeth on one jaw or both

-15 million individuals in the United States have bridge and crown replacements for missing teeth

-Three million have implants, and this number increases by half a million a year

-10% of all US dentists place implants, and that figure increases as well.

-Implant success rate is reported as 98% in scientific literature

-5,505,720 implants had been performed by US dentists until 2006

-The U.S. dental prosthetic market is expected to reach a value of $5 billion by 2018

Questions You Should Ask When Choosing An Implant Dentist

-What is your success rate?

-What sort of training and education have you had in implant treatment?

-How many of such procedures have you performed throughout your career?

-Which treatment options do you use when restoring missing teeth?

-What type of replacement teeth and technique do you recommend for me? Why?

-What steps are part of the process? Where are they performed? By whom?

-What sort of anesthesia do you plan to use?

-What should I expect regarding recovery time, eating, pain, etc.?

-What are the risks involved with the treatment option you recommend?

-What are the treatment’s benefits?

-Will I have teeth during the process?

-Do you have any before-and-after pictures of previous patients?

The Implant Install Process

If you have one or more teeth fall out, you might qualify for dental implants in order to replace the missing teeth permanently. In order to have your case assessed and find out, you can schedule an appointment with our dentist office in Raleigh at the number 919-997-7438. Once you set up the appointment, Dr. Hoda Bassiri will examine your jawbone and mouth in order to determine whether the procedure is right for you.

Before starting, your jawbone has to be strong and your gums have to be healthy. If the doctor identifies any signs of gum disease or cavities, it’ll have to be treated first.

When you get clearance for the procedure, our staff at Fusion Dental Care will take an impression of your mouth. This will allow the new teeth to be created properly, in a dental lab. The teeth will be made to match the shape and size of all surrounding teeth, and have a perfect color match, making sure your smile appears a hundred percent natural once it’s completed. Patients in NC are delighted once they see the results – no one is able to tell the difference between the synthetic and the real teeth.

A good thing about implant restored teeth is that they don’t get cavities. Replacement tooth or crows do not get decay like natural ones. Of course, you still need to floss, brush and care for the teeth and gums, just like you do with your natural teeth. Regular dental check-ups and professional cleanings are important as well.

Next in the procedure is the metal post which is implanted under the gum line. This part of the procedure sets implants apart from other types of cosmetic dentistry – Dr. Hoda Bassiri is a true expert at performing exactly that. The metal post is secured to the jawbone, creating a synthetic root system that’s very durable and rivals the strength of a tooth’s natural roots with an exception – metal doesn’t become infected. Over the course of a few months, the metal post and jawbone fuses together, creating durability that can’t be replicated in any sort of procedure.

After that, Dr. Hoda Bassiri secures the synthetic tooth to the newly placed metal post, at the gums’ surface. The new tooth becomes so securely attached that patients are able to play sports, maintain active lifestyles and eat whichever foods they like without fear of their tooth falling out or becoming loose. Patients in Raleigh, NC enjoy the benefits of getting new teeth and never having to worry about them again.

If you’re curious, you might want to check out what patients say about our services on Yelp.

Patients in the 27613 area can trust the highly trained staff at Fusion Dental Care. Dr. Hoda Bassiri and the other professionals are ready to provide functional, comfortable dental implants that are guaranteed to satisfy. As with any sort of surgical procedure, it’s essential that you visit an expert, and when doing so, you reduce the risk of running into problems or having the implants fail to function properly. Our professionals will take the necessary time to make sure each aspect of your procedure will be completed correctly the first time, so you won’t have to worry.

Caring for Implants and Dental Prosthetics

Once your implants are installed, they are very easy to care for. We often hear from our Raleigh patients with questions such as “How do I brush my teeth now?” or “Do the implants come out?” The answer to these questions is simple – dental prosthetics are installed using a synthetic root system. They are secure and durable, and won’t become loose or fall out. You can wrestle with your kids, run in a 10k or go play basketball, without a worry about your tooth falling out.

To care for the implants, we advise our patients throughout all North Carolina to floss and brush their teeth throughout the day as they would normally. Additionally, it’s essential that you schedule dental cleanings and exams with our professionals twice a year, at least. The staff at Fusion Dental Care, and Dr. Hoda Bassiri, are ready to help cleaning your teeth and making sure they remain healthy.

This step is very important because, although dental prosthetics will not become infected, teeth around them could. If you end up with serious gum disease or a dental abscess, the infection might spread into your jawbone, putting your implants in jeopardy since they’ll only stay secure if your jawbone is in good health. In case of an infection, all of your teeth, prosthetic or not, will be at risk.

If you have implants and your teeth hurt, call (919) 977-7438 and immediately schedule an appointment. This way, we’ll be able to spot and treat a potential infection before it spreads into your jawbone. As long as you follow the proper preventative care steps, your natural teeth and your implants will remain in good health

There are 40 years of data and information behind each implant installed today – and success rates are around 98%, so there’s not much to worry about.


If you’re wondering whether implants are right for us, give us a call at 919-977-7438. Our North Raleigh staff at Fusion Dental Care and Dr. Hoda Bassiri are welcoming and friendly, and they’re ready to inform and educate you on your options so you can make a good decisions. Patients throughout all of Raleigh, NC trust Dr. Hoda to replace their teeth and help them accomplish the lifestyle they want for themselves. The doctor will make a detailed recommendation for which direction is best for you to go in order to replace your missing teeth. Work with a professional implant dentist, and you can have a natural, beautiful smile again. Schedule an appointment, and let us transform your smile.

There are records of ancient dental prosthetics from around 600 AD – when pieces of shell that resembled teeth were hammered into a Mayan woman’s jaw. Let’s all take a moment to thank contemporary dentistry!

FAQs About Dental Implants

Q: I’ve lost two adjacent teeth. Can I replace only one of them with an implant, and use a bridge to connect it to one of my own teeth?

A: According to the experience we’ve acquired over years of practice, attaching implants to teeth isn’t a viable solution. We can attach implants to each other, thus making them stronger and perfectly functional. In your situation, although it would cost you more in the short term, replacing both your missing teeth with implants is going to last much longer, therefore being more economic on the long term.

Q: I’ve lost one of my upper back teeth a while ago, and I haven’t done anything about it. I’ve noticed that my sinus on the side of the missing tooth bothers me more than the other one. Would you say there’s a connection between these two problems?

A: A large percentage of people who have lost their upper back teeth experience the increasing downward growth of their maxillary sinus. At birth, this sinus is about the size of a pea, and it grows as we age, this growth is occurring at the expense of the bone round it. If you intend to have those upper back teeth replaced with a fixed solution, you may need a sinus elevation procedure in order to make room for the dental implants to be inserted in this area. This may involve bone addition or the placement of bone substitutes. This procedure is needed for increasing the bone mass required for placing the implant for restoring your missing tooth.

Q: I’ve had dentures for many years now, and I’ve lost a rather large amount of jawbone. My lower dentures are the floater kind, so I can’t eat and speak properly anymore. Is there anything I can do about this?

A: In most situations, thanks to the advanced technology and treatment methods available today, there is a solution. We strongly encourage patients to come in and chat with Dr. Bassiri as soon as they notice any problems like this. The sooner they address these issues, the easier it’s going to be to sort them out. Such situations include overuse of denture adhesives, avoiding hard foods, inability to taste various foods, permanent mouth sores, ineffective bite position and unaesthetic appearance (some people see their chin and nose getting closer together). The sooner you get corrective dental prosthetic implants, the more treatment options you have. If you suffer from any of the above symptoms, you may need dental implants.

Q: I’ve lost all my teeth, and I’m wearing full dentures. Unfortunately, I can’t stand the lower denture any longer, so I’m considering an alternative option. Will I need an implant for each of the missing teeth on my lower jaw?

A: You don’t need to replace all your missing teeth with implants. Depending on the solution that would suit you best, you may need four or six implants. The number of implants a patient requires is usually estimated through an oral exam and panoramic x-ray. If your case is a complicated one, you may also need a CT scan in order for the specialist to determine how many implants you’d need.

Q: I really wanted to get dental implants a few years ago, but the specialist I consulted back then said I didn’t have enough jawbone to support enough dental implants without causing my jawbone to fracture. What can I do?

A: As implantology has advanced a lot lately, you may have a wide array of options that weren’t available a few years ago. Modern technology has made it possible for virtually anyone needing dental prosthetics to benefit from a solution for replacing their missing teeth.

Q: I had a root canal on a tooth which has fractured. Now I need to have it removed. Do you think I can get an implant or do I have to get a bridge or a partial denture?

A: Teeth that have gone through a root canal treatment are usually weaker than the others, being therefore more prone to getting fractured. In some situations, due to dehydration, these teeth become extremely brittle, so they can break even when biting on relatively soft foods. A long time ago, the best treatment was to remove the tooth and replace it with a bridge supported by the adjacent teeth. Even today, there are patients who can only benefit from the solution of placing a dummy tooth between the two ones adjacent to the gap. Nonetheless, it’s also possible to replace the missing tooth with a dental implant. This solution leaves the other two teeth untouched, so it should be preferred over the other one. However, you need to qualify for an implant, and this is something only your dentist can decide upon.



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  • review rating 5  I went here after not going to the dentist for a while. My wife and I needed a lot of work! They bent over backwards helping us with a payment plan, made sure we were comfortable with everything we were going to pay for, and executed the plan! They do great work, everyone in the office is super friendly, and my family will enjoy going here for years to come! **edited for spelling and grammar**

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    review rating 5  Excellent experience. Honestly, it is an entirely different approach to dentistry than I have experienced anywhere else. Madison, Dr. Bassiri and the entire team did a great job. I was informed of issues, educated about why they exist and how to prevent them, then given a formal treatment plan. I’m very thankful to have found such a great team.

    thumb Jeff K

    review rating 5  Dr. Bassiri is the best dentist I have ever used! She has been my dentist for three years now and I am very satisfied with the work she performed on my teeth. She and her staff are very professional and courteous. My wife is now her patient as well.

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  • review rating 5  I enjoy the staff at Fusion Eye & Dental. I get everything done with my vision & dental needs in one office with great care & ease. The doctors are knowledgeable & concerned; they have the best support staff ever. My visits are well organized & informative. My care is individualized thanks to Aaron, Gabby, Karen, Pamela & a host honorable mentions. Thanks for the great care & attention.

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    review rating 4  Very friendly environment. They make me feel warm and welcome every time I go there. They are very kind and straightforward, not trying to hide additional costs from you. The one complaint I have is the frequency of texts that I get from them. An update here and there is fine but I've had 3 or 4 texts from their system just today alone. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a regular dentist to go to.

    thumb Christina Tyson

    review rating 5  Fusion Dental Care is a great place where the quality of service matches the beautiful decor. My wife and I love the people there and are sure to tell others about our experiences. We moved to Raleigh from another state and were lucky that they were across the street from our rental. They have fantastic membership options for people without great dental insurance as well. Check them out.

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  • review rating 5  My family has been going to Fusion Dental since not long after they opened. They really focus on the customer experience and make sure they are taking care of your teeth and needs as a patient. Highly recommended!

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Are Dental Implants a good option for you?  Take the quiz to find out!