Dental Crowns

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dental crowns in raleigh ncThere’s no question that when you’re looking at serious dental work, you want to make sure you have skilled and experienced professionals who know their work inside and out. Here at Fusion Dental Care of Raleigh, NC we take enormous pride in providing our patients in and around the 27613 area of Raleigh with the absolute best in dental services. When you have bridge and crown work that needs to be done, you can rely on the accomplished Dr. Hoda Bassiri to create the absolute best in natural looking crowns and bridges that help fix your weakened or damaged teeth while restoring your best possible smile.

Just What Are Dental Crowns?

A crown is a specific type of prosthetic (custom fitted) cap that surrounds the tooth. These are often used to restore teeth that have been severely damaged. The crown helps to seal the healthy part of the tooth that remains, in addition to restoring the full cosmetic appearance of the tooth.

Crowns can be all metal in nature, all ceramic, or be a combination of ceramic on metal. Dr. Hoda Bassiri knows how to use all these materials and combinations. The materials used can depend on where the crown is being put in the mouth, but generally, location matters quite a bit. Front teeth have all ceramic crowns that look natural most of the time while metal might be a more palatable option for back teeth that are harder to see and are required to be powerful and able to hold up to use.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are a common way to replace a missing tooth. We provide this as a solid option to replace a tooth without having to wear dentures or undergo a more thorough surgery. The tooth is held in place by two crowns that flank it on both sides. This setup looks completely natural, and it’s made from porcelain or ceramic material that allows the dental bridge to match the surrounding teeth and bring out the best while blending in naturally as well. Here at Fusion Dental Care of Raleigh, NC we take care of bridges and make sure that the new tooth always fits, feels comfortable, and looks amazing. We take pride in standing out as an outstanding provider throughout the entire 27613 zip code area. That being said, it’s important for customers to understand the process.

Preparing For The Procedure

We strongly recommend getting any teeth whitening done before getting dental crowns or a dental bridge. This not only sets the right tone for the prosthetic teeth to match but if you are getting either of these for cosmetic reasons then don’t you want them all to match at the whitest shade possible? You can even get your teeth whitening done right here. Not only will we be able to improve the overall brightness and beauty of your smile, but by handling everything here, we can make it all part of one planned out process. From start to finish we’ll understand the brightness and shade of your teeth and make sure everything matches.

You don’t want to get matching crowns and bridges that are yellow, then end up whitening your teeth later. The crowns and bridges are the color they are. If they are yellow in the beginning, they are going to be yellow later. Why not have every part of your smile looking white and bright from the very beginning?

We do recommend that our patients take the full day off for work, not only for the day of the procedure but if you can, you may want to take a couple of days off after. When you have any dental treatment done it is normal for the teeth to be sensitive. This alone can be distracting throughout a day, but side effects like not wanting to eat much and possibly getting a headache from the dental work you had done can also be an issue. Being lethargic or just feeling a bit off for a day or two is quite normal. Take the time to care for yourself by giving yourself a couple of days where you don’t have to worry about clients or work.

The Actual Process

The procedure starts with a dental x-ray that allows us to see how your teeth are aligned, which also allows us to properly create an excellent crown or bridge, or both, that will fit on your teeth perfectly and create that bright white smile you’ve been dreaming of. We prepare the tooth and make sure the proper amount of enamel is removed so the fit of the new crown will not only be perfect for that tooth but it will also stay in line with all the other teeth in your mouth. Here at Fusion Dental Care, we are always focusing on the big picture to make sure everything looks great.

A temporary crown will be made for you first and will help confirm the fit. That helps protect the undamaged part of your tooth for roughly two weeks, while we order a permanent version to be made in a lab, and that will be one that can hold up over the long term. You will need to be a bit cautious since the temporary crown isn’t designed to be loose but it is designed to come off for the permanent one. If you have any questions about the process, we would be glad to walk you through the proper precautions when you’re here.

Once the permanent dental restorative pieces come back from the lab, you can come back to our Raleigh office, and we’ll carefully remove the temporary pieces and replace them with the crowns and bridges that are permanently bonded and affixed to the afflicted teeth. If you are getting a bridge, you will be will also be receiving your supportive crowns during this visit, with the result being a beautiful smile that looks good and feels secure, as well.

Handling Post Procedure Recovery

There’s no denying that your teeth are going to be a bit sensitive after you’ve had dental crown or bridge work done. Sedation dentistry gives you the maximum comfort during the process and allows us to get the dental work done quickly and effectively to restore your smile. For many of our patients, this is a great option for getting the work done, and of course, we take care of getting you the proper oral medications to help reduce swelling and pain over the next few days as you recover.

There’s no denying the benefits of getting crown or bridge work done. You will once again have the ability to eat your favorite foods without pain or worry, you won’t have to experience sharp, sensitive pain from hot or cold, and you will be able to enjoy flashing that beautiful fully restored smile. If you have some damaged or broken teeth and are looking for full repairs and a return to your beautiful, stunning smile, then be sure to call (919) 977-7438 and schedule your appointment today to find out what the best options for you are.