Composite Fillings

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Fusion Dental Care works hard to keep patients’ teeth clean and healthy. We make sure you will be free of dental problems like tooth decay and other issues. Still, despite our best efforts, there are still times when a patient might end up with a cavity.

Stick to regular checkups, and you will find that even if you do get that odd cavity, you can be sure that by catching it quickly it can be dealt with optimally. We use the latest technology in treatments to stop that cavity from progressing, leaving your smile beautiful and healthy.

We care about your health as well as your smile. We, at Fusion Dental Care, gladly feature the use of composite fillings. These are used to make small repairs and perform things like fill cavities.

For a long time, dentists made use of silver amalgam fillings which were standard in the industry. Now, there is a much better way to fix cavities, and we are happy to offer this option to all of our valued patients.

Why Are Composite Fillings Better?

These fillings have many advantages over the old ones. If you have silver fillings, you may know that there are problems with them such as:

– Leaving dark spots on teeth that show recent cavities being filled. The fillings get darker over time, and if you have had many fillings done, you may have become extremely worried about smiling or laughing in public.

– Amalgam fillings contain mercury. Mercury has been shown to be safe enough by the CDC and the Public Health Department of the US, but most people want nothing to do with it in their mouths.

– Amalgam fillings are made of metal which can expand when temperatures change. This makes fillings loosen, and when this happens, tooth decay can result. Sometimes the filling can fall out and damage a tooth. Depending on their size, they can even cause fractures in the tooth, leading to the need for more extensive and more expensive treatments such as a crown.  These are not major concerns with the use of composite fillings.

More About Composites

These fillings are tooth colored, so they blend perfectly with your natural tooth shade. This makes them blend in flawlessly with the rest of your natural teeth.

The composite filling is made up of both plastic and porcelain (the same material used in veneers), so they never contain any harmful ingredients or chemicals. Because of how they are positioned within the mouth they also help support a healthy tooth structure. This makes the fillings much more stable than their older counterparts. They are less likely to loosen than silver fillings.  The smaller the cavities are, the less tooth structure has to be removed and the better the prognosis of your new beautiful filling.

What are Cavities?

Many people know they have cavities, but they do not truly know what cavities are. Everyone’s mouth contains millions of bacteria. They are the real culprits behind cavities. Every time you eat foods that contain high amounts of sugar or carbohydrates, these bacteria allow them to grow.

They cling to the teeth after mixing with saliva and form what is known as plaque. They then excrete an acid which erodes the coating of the teeth slowly. This is how holes form in the tooth creating what eventually becomes a cavity.

An easy way to prevent cavities is by brushing your teeth and flossing regularly. Rinse your mouth out after eating sugars and carbohydrate-rich food. This keeps the residue from clinging to teeth and forming plaque. Be sure to get regular cleanings from us because as the plaque accumulates it turns into tarter which is much harder for you to remove yourself. We will ensure that all traces of plaque are removed from your mouth to prevent cavities and also gum disease.  Schedule your next check up with us now.

We Can Help!

Fillings sometimes have side effects like tooth sensitivity. They may require being reapplied or retreated in a few years but when you are faced with preventing tooth decay, fillings are a reliable and proven solution that is also very affordable.