Clear Braces

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Clear Braces: Why You Should Consider Wearing Them

Have you seen clear braces on adults? Clear braces are also known as Invisalign aligners and they are becoming increasingly popular. Adults that did not get braces as a child often feel like now is their time; there have been changes in the orthodontic field that make getting clear braces a very attractive option. Technically, getting braces while you are still growing is the best time to do it, but there is no wrong time to embrace the benefits or orthodontic care!

How Clear Braces Came About

Starting in the 70s, dental professionals began looking closely at clear braces. This continued for nearly twenty years. In 1997, there was a discussion on how invisible braces could work and demonstrations through 3D computer technology. Patients that opted for clear braces were given plastic aligners that looked a bit like retainers. At certain points in time, those aligners would be switched out for new ones as the teeth changed their position. In 2000, clear braces were an option for dentists that learned how to use them, and it was revolutionary in the sense that adults now had an option that was not as visible as “regular” braces (with their metal wires and brackets).


It seems pretty clear why adults love to wear clear braces. They can achieve the smile they have always wanted in a much more subdued way than if they were wearing metal braces. In fact, unless you are looking closely, you may not even realize that someone has them on. You can take out the aligners when you are eating or brushing your teeth. You then just pop the aligners right back in so that you continue to make progress. The end result is that patients feel better about the way they look, and their oral health is much improved as well because their teeth are in the proper place.

Straight teeth provide some different benefits. One of the reasons for gum disease and dental decay is the presence of impacted food particles, plaque acids, and bacteria. When the teeth are straight, plaque does not gather as much because brushing helps to vanquish it from the mouth. Also, the gums are in better alignment when the teeth don’t overlap. That means there is less of a chance of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can play a role in other illnesses as well, which means that not only can straight teeth impact your oral health, but it can help you stay healthy overall.

Also, when your teeth are misaligned, there is wear and tear on them inside the mouth. Picture the way that gears line up when a machine is functioning properly. Now, think about what happens when they get off track. They are subjected to more wear over time, which eventually causes the machine to stop working. Teeth are similar; when you opt for clear braces, you can save money on restorations. Also, when the teeth all lineup, there is less stress on the jaw joint. This is in contrast to teeth that are crowded or misaligned; they put a lot of stress on this area of the body.

How Clear Braces Can Help

Dentists want to help each patient maintain good oral health over time. Clear braces can help you achieve the smile you have always wanted, but they do much more than that. They straighten teeth and increase self-esteem. They are not right for every patient, but they can help a lot of individuals. Technology will only continue to improve, and dentists will continue to figure out more options for patients in the future. That’s one piece of news that everyone can be happy about!